Canada's Premiere Trauma Conference          Presented by: CAST Canada

This is last years!! Please visit Grounding Trauma 2014

Grounding Trauma 2012

2013 - Emerging Ideas & Progressive Approaches


GT 2013 was a success. We had a fabulous 3 days.

We are open to suuggestions and partnership opportunities for 2014.

This is 2013 !!

Please visit Grounding Trauma 2014


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Pre-Conference #1
Building Bridges
Linking Woman Abuse, Substance
Use and Mental Health Concerns

May 7th, Tuesday all day
$ 175 +
Inc light lunch & parking

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Pre-Conference #2
Aboriginal Issues
Linking Ancient Traditions
With Modern Realities

May 7th, Tuesday all day
$ 175 +
Inc light lunch & parking

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Main Conference
Grounding Trauma 2013
Emerging Ideas  &
Progressive Approaches

May 8 & 9 (Wed - Thurs)
$350 + tax
Inc light lunch & parking

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Newly Confirmed Presentations:   Updated regularly

  • Following Survivors' Lead: A Promising Research-based Health Intervention via VAW/Nursing Partnership with Marilyn Merritt-Gray RN, MN, of New Brunswick
  • Music, Trauma and the Body with Olga Van Kranendonk - accompanied by her cello
  • Dance/Movement, Trauma and the Body with Megan English and Erica Ross
  • A trauma survivor/advocate who brought about real system change: treatment beds for youth

Note:  There are sessions in the main conference that complement each pre-conference day.



Approved For 12 credits
by the CCPA


" Grounding Trauma 2012 was arguably   
the best conference I have ever attended,
  and I have been in the field for 40 years."

Joyce Kahler, RN.,
North Bay, Ontario,



Set in rural Ontario just
70 minutes from Pearson Airport
or Yorkdale plaza in Toronto
The Nottawasaga Inn

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  • Becoming Trauma Informed: A full stream of sessions with select authors from the book of the same name. will be looking at various policies and opportunities for systemic change as well as successes within highlighted agencies.
  • Body Work: A full stream starting with movement and dance in various settings, includes 3 sessions meshing new somatic theory and ancient yoga principles.
  • A Buddhist Psychology: Finding peace within the storm. See below for more highlights

We are adding detail regularly - check back often.          Entire event at  glance

Introducing ...

Dot beaucage Kennedy CAST canada Groundibng Trauma

Dot (Dorothy) Beaucage-Kennedy.   CAST Canada Elder and advisor.

Dot is Wa ben a Kwe of the of the Nipissing First Nation and of Eagle Clan. She will open and close the event with ceremony.

She will also host the pre-conference on Aboriginal Issues May 7.

Dot will host a workshop/circle about the history and various formats for circles during the main conference.

With others, Dot will be hosting a circle the evening of the 8th. Details TBA.



A selected sample of what to expect.,  For more please see see Details & Bios


Sarah Schlote CAST Canada Grounding Trauma
Sarah Schlote

Caroline Owen CAST canada Groundung Trauma
Caroline Owen

NOTE: This special presentation takes place over 3 times slots on Thurday

Sarah Schlote, B.A., M.A., CCC         
Caroline Owen, B.A., E-YRT

This workshop stream will focus on introducing participants to the psychophysiology of trauma, how overwhelming experiences impact the nervous system and the brain, to help explain why traditional talk therapy and yoga can be less effective with certain clients.  The stream will also introduce participants to some core principles to consider when working with trauma survivors, including:
  • Orienting to the present
  • Mindfulness
  • Grounding
  • Curiosity and non-judgment
  • Self-soothing
  • Titration
  • Containment

Combining principles of somatic psychology and yoga therapy, this workshop stream will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss the skills that can make both therapy and yoga safer for trauma survivors, as well as tap into their felt sense of what these skills feel like at a bodily level.  Open to frontline workers, therapists, helpers, educators, clients and the public.  No previous yoga experience necessary!

Don Farren CAST Canada Grounding Trauma

Don Farren, Buddhist Psychologist.

"...  how do we live with our hearts open to the suffering of ourselves and the world and not be drowned by it. How do we live with peace, love and understanding? In the face of overwhelm, our protective instincts conscious or otherwise can take us away from the present and even see only terror and suffering in the present. But where else can healing happen? So, how do we make that journey to be more present? ... "




Alexxa and Louise are presenting research and anchoring the preconference "Building Bridges Linking Woman Abuse, Substance Use and Mental Health Concerns". It will be an interesting, dynamic day "

"Our aim is to stimulate discussion and collaboration and ultimately
improve the response to women with experiences of abuse

They are also presenting a workshop in the main body of the conference: Girls Speak Out: Understanding violence. substance use, mental health and related service and support needs among girls and young women in British Columbia

Alexxa Abi-Jaoudé is the Program Coordinator for the Woman Abuse Response Program at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre.  She holds a Masters in Public Health from Simon Fraser University.  

Louise Godard is the research and project coordinator with the Woman Abuse Response Program, BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre, conducting community based research which focuses on improving the understanding of, and responses to, girls and women’s experiences of violence, particularly when they intersect with substance use and mental health; and, understanding the factors that impact access to, and provision of relevant health and social services for girls and women who have experienced violence.

Too Cute Dog Grounding Trama CAST canada
Duke is a Trauma Therapy Dog Tamara Leniew CAST Canada Grounding Trauma

Tamara Leniew works with Duke. They will host a presentation and discussion about a new trauma therapy dog program.

Monica CAST Canada Grounding Trauma

Monica Kleinman, SM.Ed. MAPS RFD Paddington, New South Wales, Australia
Monicaa has been an Australian Army Reserve Psychologist for many years. She is actively engaged in the identification of and treatment for the impact of traumatic exposure on veterans in this role.In her private practice, she is the Clinical Director of the New South Wales State Emergence Service’s critical Incident Support Program and provides direct service delivery and training to the peer team as well as the 10,000 volunteers and paid staff across the state. 

Her workshop is titled " Out of the Blue – New lessons from one response to the Japanese tsunami."
This presentation lends itself to a mixture of a short didactic component followed by an opportunity for attendees to apply the model either to their own work environments or to table-top a number of scenarios that will be presented should this become the preferred option of those present. A smaller group in a workshop format will enable this delivery to be effective.


This is a limited sample of what to expect.,  For more please see see Details & Bios

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We have commissioned a contemporary dance piece. It will be performed the opening of the conference and thee will be a breakout session exploring the message and method of the piece, how dancing effects the dancers.

At Grounding Trauma 2012 the event was opened by a piece title 'Trapped in My Mind' By Katie Felix of Courtice ON. Katie is working with 5 dancers developing a piece for Grounding Trauma 2013. One of the first break out sessions is a discussion with Katie about the choreography, the ideas in the dance and the role of dance and movement in healing. It will be followed by workshops on movement and dance therapy with a focus on connecting with general practice and service delivery, a theme of the event. One of the dancers  from 2012,
             "I dance because I can express things that I cannot when speaking."


Grounding Trauma Dancers from 2012


At Grounding Trauma 2013 we want to propel change. Be a part of it

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