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Grounding Trauma 2012

The Essence of Trauma in Addiction and Illness:
Disconnect From The Self As It Affects Our Clients And Ourselves







May 5 & 6, 2016
Tudor Hall, 3750 Bowesville Rd. N
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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dr. Gabor Mate Grounding Trauma 2016 CAST Canada Ottawa

Dr. Gabor Maté

The Essence of Trauma in Addiction and Illness:
Disconnect From The Self As It Affects Our Clients And Ourselves

Ultimately, what is at hand when talking about addiction, homelessness, mental illness? A disconnection from ones inner self.  This is most often as a result of early childhood trauma which becomes the real tragedy, causing the deepest pain. Dr. Maté has said repeatedly:

"If you are going to help people you must
connect with them on the heart level."

To do that, connection to self is vital. For both the professional and the individual.

Over these two full days Dr. Maté will connect these important ideas to the work at hand. With an understanding of this disconnection we will explore ways to create cohesion in safe and appropriate ways for those you support who are suffering the most.  Network with and learn from creative and dynamic people as we take the time to explore these ideas deeply and find ways apply them in practical ways to your work, your life and your relationships.

Become More Comfortable and Effective in your Work!
Gather new skills,  new level of understanding
Feel nurtured, refreshed and energized
Spend time with like-minded people, make new connections

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Becca Partington
and Tom Regehr.
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'New Perspectives - Sound Connections'





" Grounding Trauma 2012 was arguably   
the best conference I have ever attended,
  and I have been in the field for 40 years."

Joyce Kahler, RN.,
North Bay, Ontario,

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