Do you work with people struggling with addiction, mental health or trauma?

Then thUUUse gatherings are for you

We know that working in small town, rural, remote and isolated areas carries different and unique burdens and challenges.  These gatherings will connect you with other folks 'Doing the Work' in
similar settings.  We will honour your experience, share successes, strategies, tools and hope.

Please join us.

Upcoming gatherings ...

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 29,30  2013

Invitation: We are looking for partnership opportunities for 2014 - could we come to your community?



Hosted by CAST Canada

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Short Video of Doing The Work 2012

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Doing The Work - Canadian Harm Reduction Rural and Remote

'The Work' -

  • Outreach, support, counselling, helping and sharing circles ...
  • Harm reduction, service provision, intervention, education and prevention ...
  • Homelessness & housing, employment, justice  ...
  • Trauma and addictions ...
  • Mental, physical and spiritual health ... More than a conference ...

'RURAL & Remote'
For those working in small cities, towns, rural, remote and isolated areas.

Much like a conference there will be presentations, workshops and forums, but based on some advice from our advisor (now retired) Little Brown Bear of Midland, ON, this will be a gathering of caring, active folks and be the beginning of an ongoing conversation. There will be much conversing, sharing and connecting. And we will keep the conversation going after this gathering in ways chosen by you, the participants.

Invitation: We would like to hear from you, to learn about your community. We ask about

  • The realities of 'Doing The Work"
  • Your Successes
  • Your Challenges
  • What would you like to learn?

Please feel free to email us- with your ideas. We can set a call or if possible, a visit.


A note from our founding advisor, Little Brown Bear (Ernest Matton) - Métis , Midland

" We are seeking more  input from our Aboriginal and Francophone brothers and sisters and Elders from these communities to help and guide in this process of gathering and sharing information and the building of healthy relationships. Once the process is started, we intend and encourage continued conversation to help in developing and supporting each other through partnerships and talking circles. Thank you ... "

Doing The Work - Canadian Harm Reduction Rural and Remote

"I would love to see harm reduction blown open to include the basic support, mentoring, sharing/teaching of social emotional skills, that makes for a resilient, strong healthy
person. Optimal health people, optimal health!

                       Kerri Kightley..
Peterborough (ON) Drug Strategy
Doing The Work Partner and Advisor.


Presented by CAST Canada

Tom Regehr and Becca Partington

Doing The Work Partner

Kerri Kightley - Peterborough Drug Strategy, Peterborough, ON


Dot Beaucage-Kennedy, Dot is Wa ben a Kwe of the of the Nipissing First Nation
      and of Eagle Clan, North Bay, ON
Little Brown Bear (Ernest Matton) Métis, Midland (founding advisor, retired)
Sean Lee-Popham, Bancroft, ON
Kathy Hardill - Bancroft, ON

Doing The Work - Canadian Harm Reduction Rural and Remote

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