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CAST Canada helps professionals and corporations better understand the role of trauma and unresolved grief in addictions, homelessness, chronic unemployment, and other concerns through workshops, trainings and keynote speaking throughout Ontario and across Canada.

                    CAST is an acronym - Come And Sit Together


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Trauma Essentials - One Day Intensive
A full day based on 2 CAST Canada trauma workshops. Includes material from 'Trauma Informed Addiction Work' and 'Tomorrow Does Not Exist'.


    June 9, 2014     
    The St. Joseph Health Care, West 5th St. Campus,
    Hamilton, ON


Alliston, ON
May 7,8  2014

Grounding Trauma CAST Canada conference
Canada's Premiere Trauma Conference


CAST Canada 10th Anniversary

A full day of Panels - Exploring the lessons from 10 years of panels and workshops with people with direct experience with addiction, trauma, homelessness etc. in discussion with professionals like you.

June 4th, 2014, Brampton, ON



Day 2 With Sarah Schlote, Friday May 23,

For people who have had a one day or 1/2 day with Sarah. This workshop is designed to build on material from the previous work and theory focusing on integrating it in to practice. In the future we will be offering 2 day events with Sarah.

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Custom Workshops

Having an in-house workshop for your staff is by far the most cost effective way to deliver training and support.



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